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Why Choose

Socius Labs?

We Get It

Born out of enterprise software development, the Socius Labs team has direct experience and understanding of the complex requirements to delivering enterprise-grade products. This background and experiential knowledge of the drivers and requirements of product engineering teams gives Socius Labs an important perspective that is key to successfully securing a product lifecycle.

We've Been There

With a combined 25 years of experience in software security, the Socius Labs team architected and implemented the Secure Development Lifecycles in use in medium and large businesses. 

In a lot of different contexts

We've built SDLC programs for companies ranging from small startup to Fortune 500 company. We understand that companies have different needs based on their own maturity, risk-tolerance, culture and business requirements.

Because of our Unique Approach

We chose the name Socius Labs based on the Latin 'Socius', meaning "comrade, friend or ally".  Our core tenet is that the best product security is achieved through robust partnership with engineering teams.  We design solutions custom to supporting the goals of the business via strong partnerships between the security team and the engineering organization. 

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